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Company Announcement 1

Company Announcement 1


Setting up websites that can be managed by you, the client, is pretty much the norm these days. But the choice of content manager is often driven by profits (of the web design company) instead of keeping you the client in mind.

When we build your website, we build using Adobe Business Catalyst, an industry leading platform for not only managing your website content but your online business as well.

Business Catalyst provides you with all the tools you need to maintain any level of website from one login.

Got a simple website that really just has your logo, contact details and an enquiry form, no problems. For around the same costs as your current hosting we can set you up on Business Catalyst, and you get the peace of mind knowing that when you are ready to take the next step and make your website even more powerful, Business Catalyst can be upgraded in minutes.

Checkout our Business Catalyst page for more information on Business Catalyst including our information sheets



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