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DAG Biwok Double Kayak

D.A.G. Kayaks are one of the most successful kayak brands in Europe and are now available in Australia. They offer a wide range of competitively priced Sit-on-top and Sit-inside recreational, touring, fishing and sea kayaks, from 12kg kids kayaks up to large double sea kayaks Best sellers include the Midway, the Tiwok and the Biwok Double.
  • DAG Biwok Double Kayak
    $2,450.00 $1,797.99

    DAG Biwok Double Kayak
    Preferred Colour
    Red / Yellow


    RUNOUT PRICE - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (any C-Kayak store)

    Now in 3 layer polyethylene for added stiffness and lightness

    Sleek and fast the DAG Biwok is the ideal double touring kayak for the adventurous couple looking for a kayak with plenty of storage and efficiency for longer distances.

    Because of its ability to handle rough conditions the Biwok has also been included under Sea Kayaks.

    The Biwok comes standard with a retractable rudder.
    The Biwok is a very well priced performance double touring/sea kayak.

    Now produced in a 3-layer sandwich construction for reduced weight and added strength.



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