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Cobra Escape Kayak

  • Cobra Escape Kayak

    $1,150.00 $727.99

    Cobra Escape Kayak
    Cobra Escape Kayak
    Cobra Escape Kayak
    Cobra Escape Kayak
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    Cobra Escape Kayak DESCRIPTION


    - Price now includes C-Kayak paddle and Comfy seat

    At only 18kg and 3.2m in length this is Cobra's answer to the smaller paddler looking for the same stealth and stability offered by the popular Cobra Explorer.

    Like all Cobra kayaks the Escape is characterised by the unique hull shape resulting in excellent tracking and unparalleled stability.  Large storage well in the back allows you to put your gear (or catch)

    Cobra Escape FX is fitted out for fishing, boasting a 10" storage hatch, two flush rod holders and a  swivel rod holder.

    If you appreciate quality brands then you'll realise that this is a bargain, so get in fast!


    Review of Cobra Escape by Zane Daley:


    The Cobra Escape is a compact performer.  Designed for someone wanting a recreational kayak but with small touring capabilities.  Its unique hull shape allows this kayak to track superbly, gives it great speed and efficiency compared to other brands of the same size.

    How is this possible? The Cobra Escape's over-sized keel takes the weight of the paddler creating a very streamline waterline in the water, yet the wider sides higher on the hull sit on top of the water and offer excellent stability. The layout of the Cobra Escape offers storage in the centre and bow hatches along with ample storage in the stern well.

    The Cobra Escape now comes standard with two flush mounted rod holders along with a swivel rod in front of the paddler. If you are after a compact, lightweight SOT that out performs the rest in its class then the Cobra Escape is the kayak for you. 



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