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Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak

  • Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak

    $900.00 $497.99

    Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak
    Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak
    Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak
    Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak
    brand:"Point 65'N",seating:"Single",model:"Falcon",length:"2.7m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"62cm",weight:"18kg",capacity:"100kg"

    Point 65 N Falcon Modular SOT Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    Point 65 Sweden presents the modular Falcon

     Introducing the modular take-apart Falcon. A fun, versatile, high-performance sit-on-top kayak which, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store and haul. The revolutionary, patented Solo-Tandem-or-more combination is the solution you were waiting for.     

    Performance kayaking

    The Falcon, made in durable HTP (High Performance Thermoplastic), is easy to handle in and out of the water. With Point 65’s innovative Snap-Tap system, the Falcon snaps apart and reassembles in seconds for a kayak that is comfortable, stable, strong and, due to it’s modularity, extremely easy to carry. The Falcon is a rigid, high-performance kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, put into the trunk of your car and store under your bed.

    Comfort and ease

    The Falcon features a comfortable seat, cup holders, contoured foot braces and space for your dry bag for safe storage on your next adventure. It features an ingenious foldable backrest front and middle quick lock hatches for easy access to your gear, as well as front and back tank wells with bungees. You have the option of going paddling alone or with a friend – all in one kayak. With a second mid-section between two paddlers, you create additional storage space.

    No heavy lifting

     The Falcon easily fits into the back of most vehicles. So, no roof rack, no lifting and keep the low gas mileage to boot. It fits into a small elevator, under your bed or in your closet! Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own.         

    Versatility & durability

     Designed for comfort and stability, the Point 65 Falcon is also a nimble, highly maneuverable recreational kayak with plenty of legroom. It is an extremely durable, rigid, sit-on-top kayak. It’s perfect for exercising, a day trek or just some fun on the water.        


    The Falcon single comes in two boxes:

    Front:   140 cm x 24cm x 69cm     

    Rear:    140 cm x 24cm x 69cm     


    Review of Point 65'N Falcon by Eric Pearson:

    The Point 65 Falcon sit on top kayak is a very popular seller in our range, its modular component being its biggest draw card. Each part measures 1.5 m and weighs 9 kg, making it light weight and easy to manage. The ease by which it breaks apart appeals to customers who are stuck for space in apartment blocks, don’t have roof racks on their car or can’t manage to load a kayak on their roof.

    The Point 65 Falcon modular kayak will fit into most sedans, either in the boot or on the back seat. An added bonus is the centre section which allows the kayak to be transformed into a double kayak. Great value package including seats and paddles.                              



    - Affordable

    - Strong & durable 1-layer HTP

    - Great tracking & performance

    - Recessed tank wells aft and front for gear

    - Quick lock Hatches in front and mid sections

    - Take apart for easy storage

    - Snap-Tap take apart system

    - Padded back pads

    - Integrated cup holders  


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