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Stellar Intrepid 18 ft Sea Kayak

  • Stellar Intrepid 18 ft Sea Kayak


    Stellar Intrepid 18 ft Sea Kayak
    brand:"Stellar",seating:"Single",model:"Intrepid (SI18)",length:"5.5m",construction:"Composite",width:"54cm",weight:"19.8kg",capacity:"150kg"
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    Stellar Intrepid 18 ft Sea Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Our top of the line Sea Kayak!

    The Stellar Intrepid 18' (SI18) Sea Kayak is fast with a very capable and more traditional hull design.  Hard chines, a defined keel and a retractable skeg plus rudder provide excellent handling in the Rock-Gardens or longer adventures.  With 3 sealed storage compartments, a small day hatch in front of the cockpit and deck rigging, the SI18 provides plenty of storage options and accessibility.  A molded seat pad and thigh brace provide comfort and stability when it gets rough..

    Advantage Construction 

    Great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. Gelcoat finished heat cured infused epoxy Fiberglass and Soric core laminate is very tough and resists against punctures.

    Also available in other constructions, please enquire for details and pricing.

    A great option for Kayaking on Sydney Harbour

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