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Shark Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards


We get asked this question quite a lot.

The answer is quite simple really, it comes down to several things:

  • Quality
  • Distribution Channels
  • Adverting and Marketing Costs
  • Economies of Scale


There are a lot of Inflatable SUP's on the market and the quality varies a lot.

Often the cheaper quality SUP's won't look much different to the good quality SUP's but you can be assured that they will differ in terms of durability, performance and longevity.

If you purchase an Inflatable SUP purely on the price then there is a strong likelihood that you might in fact be wasting your money on an inferior quality product, that will not perform very well and will not last very long.

Do yourself a favour by first doing some research, and quizzing the salesperson about the quality of the product, until you are convinced that you are in fact getting good value for money.

Distribution Channels

The second major factor influencing the price of an Inflatable SUP product is how many times it has changed hands before being made available to you.

Many of the big brands pass through several levels in the distribution channel before finally making it to a store or online store. This means that you are effectively paying each of these "middle men" a percentage profit, which can result in the product being sold for three to four times what it actually cost to produce.

Advertising and Marketing Costs

It's ironic because the most widely known brands are also the most price inflated. This is because it is you, the consumer, who will ultimately pay the cost of having had the product made to be so prominent in the first place.

Economies of Scale

Like everything, when products are imported and distributed in bulk, the unit cost comes down.

Shark SUP's

We wanted to ensure that we carried a superior quality brand that is still affordable. As such we conducted solid research and testing across some of the world's leading brands and discovered that Shark Inflatable SUP's are exactly that. Super stiff, super strong and great value for money.

We purchase in bulk, directly from Shark SUP's factory so we are confident with Shark SUP's that you will be purchasing a great quality product at a fantastic price. Hear what the experts have to say:


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