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What if goods get damaged in transit?

If you require kayaks or accessories to be delivered to you then the following will apply:

Where the goods are delivered to you by our staff, using C-Kayak vehicles then we guarantee that the goods will be delivered in perfect condition.  

In instances where we use a third party carrier the following will apply:

We only make use of reputable freight companies. We will ensure that the goods are packaged suitably for transport and that they are packed carefully onto the collection vehicles.  It is important however to understand that the goods may be transferred at various stages of the journey and, while our freight companies take every care not to damage the goods, there have been a few instances in the past of goods being damaged in transit. In this instance it will be at your own risk.  

Should you wish your goods to be insured against damage this can be arranged for a reasonable fee (please enquire for current rates) and must be expressly requested by yourself prior to shipping. In the absence of such a request it is assumed that you do not require insurance.