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NEW Whale Shark 18' Inflatable SUP



Drift along on a beautiful SUP. We carry an exciting range of composite SUPs, Soft SUPs, Semi-Rigid SUPs, Inflatable SUPs and Plastic SUPs! Our SUP collection has been specially put together to cover (in an uncomplicated way) every paddlers needs, whether you are large or small and whether you are looking to enjoy flat water, surf, a bit of both, or take part in adventure racing. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the construction process and materials for these boards. We have taken careful steps to ensure they are of the highest quality materials and amongst the strongest on the market.

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  • NEW Whale Shark 18' Inflatable SUP
    $3,500.00 $2,849.99

    NEW Whale Shark 18' Inflatable SUP
    NEW Whale Shark 18' Inflatable SUP
    NEW Whale Shark 18' Inflatable SUP
    brand:"Shark",model:"Whale Shark",length:"18 ft",construction:"Inflatable",width:"80 in", thickness:"8 in", weight:"29.9 kg", capacity:"1000 kg"


    Made Using Heavy Duty Single Layer Technology

    18"  Whale Shark

    There is a lot of excitement that comes with being on a paddleboard alone but that excitement is multiplied the moment you include friends or family. With up to eight people on board, the Whale Shark Extra Large SUP from Shark SUPs is exactly what you need. It has been found to be ideal for tours on the rivers and even on flat water.

    The weight of this Whale Shark XL is light so that it is really easy to transport as well as carry to the designated points. It inflates easily and becomes stiff and mighty stable which is made possible by the Three Shark High-Pressure Double Action Pumps that come with it. It also deflates really quickly and for easy transport, you can roll it into a compact size. The material that went into making this SUP is Heavy Duty PVC with Single Layer Technology that is really light as well as durable.

    Great for a large group of friends, paddling groups, and even school classes. The fact that everyone can have fun at the same time is what makes this paddleboard a really great one. It is 18’ long and 80” wide which gives enough room for everyone to have fun and you can even include the dog.


    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free SUP Paddle

    Delivery $66 anywhere in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC & SA (Select "Inflatable" at Checkout)


  • - Heavy Duty Single Layer Technology
  • - Three Shark Double Action pumps inclusive
  • - Easy handling and transport by the 11 handles
  • - Super light
  • - All water conditions friendly
  • - D-Rings of Stainless steel for attachments
  • - Quick Inflation and deflation by 3 valves
  • - Easy roll up
  • - XL Bag available for Easy storage and transport
  • Box Size = 116 x 69 x 38cm

    Box Weight = 47kg


    Why an inflatable SUP?

    Inflatables are convenient for traveling and storage. With Inflatable SUP’s you can take them on a plane or in a vehicle using the sleeping bag size carry bag, travelling anywhere without worrying about storage space or extra ticket fees. They are easy to store, just deflate and roll it up.You can put it into a cupboard or leave it in your car for those unexpected paddling opportunities that might present themselves during your travels.

    Better durability and safer, an inflatable SUP board cannot get cracked, snapped, dinged, or damaged in the same manner as a hard board, because it is constructed of drop stitched PVC. It is a great choice for those who love paddling in all conditions as it can be used extensively in the presence of rocks, hot sun or even enduring some misuse from kids and other dangerous animals.

    Very little maintenance is required and they are long lasting.  The board will take care itself! Its life span is similar to that of a high-quality inflatable boat, because it has been manufactured using similar processes and materials. In the unlikely event of developing a leak the repair kit provided makes repairing the SUP quick and easy.

    Why a Shark SUP?

    This is a top-quality product manufactured using only the best materials and quality control.  


    Model 18 Whale Shark
    Length 18 FT
    Width 80 Inches
    Thickness 8 Inches
    Weight 29.9 kg
    Volume 1700L
    Fin Set Up 5 sets 9 inch Removable Center Box Fin
    Construction Shark Single Layer Drop Stitch
    Traction Pad Crocodile Skin Traction Pad
    Handle 11 Pieces Comfort Carry Handle
    Max PSI 25 PSI
    Recommend PSI 12 PSI
    Pump High Pressure Pump Included
    Capacity 1 ton
    D-Rings 1 On The Nose For Towing – 1 On The Tail For A Leash – 4 On The Deck For Rigging Kits


    Unbelievable Price

    Spend less and play more. Because we purchase direct from the manufacturer, and buy in bulk, you will find our Shark SUP’s as little as half the price of similar big brand models in the market, where you are paying for middle-man importers and distributors.

    Cheaper but guaranteed top quality product, and always backed by the C-Kayak warranty whereby our reputation is your guarantee.

    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money. 


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