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Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6"

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Drift along on a beautiful SUP. We carry an exciting range of composite SUPs, Soft SUPs, Semi-Rigid SUPs, Inflatable SUPs and Plastic SUPs! Our SUP collection has been specially put together to cover (in an uncomplicated way) every paddlers needs, whether you are large or small and whether you are looking to enjoy flat water, surf, a bit of both, or take part in adventure racing. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the construction process and materials for these boards. We have taken careful steps to ensure they are of the highest quality materials and amongst the strongest on the market.

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  • Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6"
    $900.00 $758.00

    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6"
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
    brand:"Tyrant",model:"All Round",length:"10'6",construction:"Thermoformed",width:"32 in", thickness:"4.6 in", tail:"Sq", fins:"2 small + Single", volume:"200 litres", weight:"13 kg"
    Deck Pad


    Ultra lightweight & durable stand up paddle board at a fantastic price

    Introducing our ultra tough all rounder paddle board. This is a traditional epoxy board that is then wrapped in a thermoformed ABS plastic. We love this board for the purpose of lasting the distance and families are loving the idea of being able to knock them around.


    • 1 x 10’6 Paddle Board
    • 1 x Large Centre Fin System
    • 2 x Small Side Fins for added tracking and stability
    • 1 x Heavy Duty Deck Grip
    • 1 x SUP Leash
    • 1 x Lightweight Fibreglass Shaft Paddle


    • Thermoformed construction which is ultra tough and lightweight
    • Super lightweight at 13kg
    • The perfect board all rounder board which is easy to paddle and suitable for flat water and wave riding
    • Ideal for rentals or for rough treatment by the family
    • The integrated rail guard offers further protection on the rail
    • A full 12 month warranty is included


    • Available with STANDARD Deck Pad or FULL Deck Pad


    • Length – 10’6″ x 32′ Wide x 4 1/2 Thick
    • Volume – 200 Litres
    • Capacity – 120kg


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