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Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package

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Drift along on a beautiful SUP. We carry an exciting range of composite SUPs, Soft SUPs, Semi-Rigid SUPs, Inflatable SUPs and Plastic SUPs! Our SUP collection has been specially put together to cover (in an uncomplicated way) every paddlers needs, whether you are large or small and whether you are looking to enjoy flat water, surf, a bit of both, or take part in adventure racing. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the construction process and materials for these boards. We have taken careful steps to ensure they are of the highest quality materials and among the strongest on the market.

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  • Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package

    $1,900.00 $1,147.99

    Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package
    Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package
    Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package
    Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package
    brand:"Tyrant",model:"All Round",length:"11 ft",construction:"Composite",width:"30 in", thickness:"4.5 in", tail:"Pin", fins:"2 small + Single", volume:"172 litres", weight:"10.4 kg"

    Tyrant All Round SUP 11 ft Package DESCRIPTION



    TOTAL VALUE $1 900

    This 11 foot cruiser has plenty of length for easy long distance paddling, and enough width for even an absolute beginner to stay standing up, even in a bit of chop.

    The conservative rocker of the Tyrant All Round SUP allows for fast, smooth paddling with just enough lift to make it suitable for small surf.

    This board is ideal for beginners or anyone just wanting to cruise about on primarily flat water.

    Bamboo deck, built in carry handle, deck pad and three fins are all included.  The thruster setup provides the perfect combination of tracking and manoeuvrability, allowing you to easily include or remove the two smaller fins to suit your specific  requirement on the day

    Suitable for people up to 110kg   

    2018 NEW DESIGNS:  Dark Bamboo & Classic Wood 

    Bamboo SUPfibreglass SUP SUP designscomposite SUP 

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    Please note, Wood and Bamboo veneer design boards now come with beautifully natural Cork Deck Pads



    Not sure where to start?  Try our SUP SELECTION GUIDE


    EPS core without stringers.  Both top and bottom deck have 2 layers glassfiber cloth with epoxy resin and 1 layer of bamboo veneer (the bamboo veneer on the bottom deck is not visible, as it is painted over).

    Without the wooden stringer the board is lighter while the bamboo veneer reinforcement both the top and bottom deck renders it stronger than most boards that do contain stringers.

    The fin plugs and handles have PVC reinforcement for extra strength.

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