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Buoyancy Bag

  • Buoyancy Bag

    $40.00 $29.00

    Buoyancy Bag
    Buoyancy Bag
    Buoyancy Bag

    Buoyancy Bag DESCRIPTION

    Inflatable bag for providing buoyancy for your kayak or canoe. 

    Highly recommended for inclusion in any kayak or canoe that does not have buoyancy front and rear.  Also recommended to fill any storage areas not being utilised for carrying gear on long distance sea kayak expeditions.

    Large (Blue)

    950 x 390mm deflated size

    950 x 300 x 220mm inflated size 


    Small (Riot) - recommended for Riot Quest 9.5 and Riot Quest 10

    600 x 450mm deflated size

    600 x 450 x 200mm inflated size


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