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Kayak Bag - Heavy Duty

  • Kayak Bag - Heavy Duty


    Kayak Bag - Heavy Duty
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    Kayak Bag - Heavy Duty DESCRIPTION

    Very durable canvas storage bags to protect your kayak from sun, dirt and scratches.
    Opening flap and tension straps allow for a range of kayak sizes to fit snugly inside the bag.
    Available in three sizes, covering everything from 2.6m to 5.4m

    The bags are designed to provide general protection against the elements however they are not watertight and will also deteriorate over time if exposed to direct sunlight every day.  They will keep most bugs out if they are correctly folded at the ends and tightly secured using the straps provided.  They are most suitable for kayaks that are stored in the garage, in the shed or under the house.

    Prices vary depending on the size. Please click on the Sizes drop down box on the left to display the various prices.  Prices are displayed here excluding GST.

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