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Roof Rack - Rubber (pair)

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  • Roof Rack - Rubber (pair)

    $165.00 $119.00

    Roof Rack - Rubber (pair)

    Roof Rack - Rubber (pair) DESCRIPTION

    One of the challenges facing many of our customers is how to get the kayaks home.
    While we do stock a range of permanent roofracks, not everyone wants to spend that kind of money and some people prefer not to add roofracks to the car if it is company owned etc.
    The Rubber Roofracks are the ideal solution.
    They are gentle on your vehicle, durable and can easily be used to carry kayaks up to 36kg.
    When not in use you simply put it in the boot of your car and then whip it out when you need it, strap it to the roof and then strap on the kayaks in just 2 minutes.

    They come with their own built in straps plus an dditional set of straps to strap your kayak on top.

    Can interfere with the deployment of side curtain airbags in cars that have them fitted - check your vehicle manual if in doubt


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