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Roof Rack - U-Rack (pair)

  • Roof Rack - U-Rack (pair)

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    Roof Rack - U-Rack (pair)

    Roof Rack - U-Rack (pair) DESCRIPTION

    Robust Kayak Carrier suitable for carrying kayaks on their hull.
    Ideal when wanting to carry the kayak securely on it's hull without damaging the hull.
    The U-Rack clamps over the existing roofrack bars with easy to use bolts (tighten by hand).
    Please note, suitable for Thule Square and Aero bars and all roofracks that have a decent clearing above the vehicle roof (min 7cm).
    NOT suitable for low-profile roofracks, such as Rola.
    Each pair of U-Racks comes with a pair of suitable tiedowns.

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