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Cobra Play Kayak

Cobra offers a full range of top quality New Zealand made sit-on-top kayaks. We have chosen Cobra as our predominant sit-on-top brand because generally they are lighter, track better and are undoubtedly the best value for money quality sit-on-top kayaks on the market. Cobra Kayaks are made of the highest grade linear polyethylene, which allows them to be lighter and stronger than competing products. All Cobra kayaks fall into our Quality range of kayaks.
  • Cobra Play Kayak
    $699.00 $597.99

    Cobra Play Kayak
    brand:"Cobra",seating:"Single",model:"Play with Hatch",length:"3m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"71cm",weight:"17kg",capacity:"109kg"
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    - Price now includes C-Kayak Paddle and Comfy Seat


    Cobra is a premium sit-on-top kayak brand. Made of linear polyethylene and boasting the unique sharp edges and distinct keel, the Cobra kayaks are lighter, more stable and track better than any of the competitive brands on the market today.

    The Cobra Play is true to its namesake. It is fun and easy to use for small to medium size paddlers and kids.

    It is lightweight and compact, is simple to transport, load and unload and can be quickly launched and easily manoeuvred.
    Stability is provided by a shallow V-shaped hull that also enhances tracking.

    The sharp features, clean deck design, comfortable cockpit area and distinct keel line make the play a fantastic choice for the small to medium paddler looking for a sit-on kayak that is as suitable for flat water as it is in the surf.     
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