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Prijon Custom Line 490 Double

Prijon is a world leader in premium quality sea kayaks and touring kayaks For decades Prijon has led the way in terms of superior paddler comfort and undisputed top-class finish. Included in the Prijon range are some of the worlds classiest Composite kayaks, plus their revolutionery tough HTP plastics and lightweight Prilites.
  • Prijon Custom Line 490 Double
    $3,000.00 $1,497.99

    Prijon Custom Line 490 Double
    brand:"Prijon",seating:"Double",model:"Custom Line 490",length:"4.9m",construction:"HTP",width:"70cm",weight:"34kg",capacity:"240kg"
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    The latest double kayak design coming from Prijon, Germany. 

    This is a prefect recreational tourer, offering large spacious cockpits for ease of entry and exit, comfort like only Prijon kayaks can offer, heaps of storage and very very stable.  The deep, well defined keel allows for perfect tracking.

    The Custom Line 490 has modern contoured sides so as to minimise hitting your paddles on the deck while paddling.

    It comes standard with retractable rudder, typical super comfy Prijon seating and padded thigh braces for hooking yourself into position.

    A world class brand double kayak at a very reasonable price.


    Made in Germany


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