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Prijon Poseidon Double Kayak

Prijon is a world leader in premium quality sea kayaks and touring kayaks For decades Prijon has led the way in terms of superior paddler comfort and undisputed top-class finish. Included in the Prijon range are some of the worlds classiest Composite kayaks, plus their revolutionery tough HTP plastics and lightweight Prilites.
  • Prijon Poseidon Double Kayak
    $3,100.00 $2,698.00

    Prijon Poseidon Double Kayak
    Preferred Colour
    Lime (special order)


    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    Travel for two open water and coastal tours. In the bow and stern area, a pronounced keel lines for directional stability and ensures a comfortable cruising speed.

    Thus, it is suitable primarily for hiking trips on open waters and along the coast, where it counts mainly on tracking and smooth running. Of course, the POSEIDON has a long distance driving, comfortable seats. Made in Germany


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