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Prijon Seayak 520 HV Kayak

Prijon is a world leader in premium quality sea kayaks and touring kayaks For decades Prijon has led the way in terms of superior paddler comfort and undisputed top-class finish. Included in the Prijon range are some of the worlds classiest Composite kayaks, plus their revolutionery tough HTP plastics and lightweight Prilites.
  • Prijon Seayak 520 HV Kayak
    $2,800.00 $2,498.00

    Prijon Seayak 520 HV Kayak
    brand:"Prijon",seating:"Single",model:"Seayak 520",length:"5.2m",construction:"HTP",width:"58cm",weight:"28kg",capacity:"140kg"
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    Now available in three versions, the Seayak Classic, the 500 Low Volume and the 520 High Volume

    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    Due to its attractive shape (clearly sea-worthy bow) and excellent manoeuvrability, together with all the quality Prijon features, the Seayak has always been one of the best selling sea kayaks around. The only problem is that people come in different shapes and sizes and so not everybody fitted into the Seayak perfectly. Generally it was only medium built people that connected perfectly with the Seayak Classic.

    Now with three versions of the Seayak available, the Classic, the 500 Low Volume and the 520 High Volume, there is a Seayak size for practically everyone.

    Already the new 500 LV and 520 HV are proving to be hugely popular. 


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