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Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)

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  • Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)

    $1,496.00 $798.00

    Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)
    Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)
    Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)
    Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT)
    brand:"Scorpio",seating:"Single",model:"Terminator 12",length:"3.75m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"75cm",weight:"27kg",capacity:"180kg"
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    Seat Upgrade Option

    Scorpio Terminator 12 Kayak with Rudder (SOLD OUT) DESCRIPTION

    Price includes C-Kayak paddle, deluxe seat and Rudder


    Made only from the highest Grade, Best Quality UV Stabalised Polyethylene Plastic*

    * Both HDPE and LLDPE have their pros and cons. We use a scientifically proven combination of 100% virgin (not recycled) HDPE and

    100% virgin (not recycled) LLDPE that offers the absolute best quality in terms of flexibility, rigidity and durability.


    Retractable rudder is one of those features you will absolutely love as it makes steering so much easier on longer trips and keeps your kayak tracking where you want it to go when the wind picks up.



    Following the HUGE success of our Terminator 10 and Terminator 14 we are pleased to announce the arrival of our much anticipated Terminator 12 

    A larger fishing kayak for the bigger fisherman or just wanting something a bit faster and more efficient. The centre console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories.  This can also be enlarged if you are wanting to store larger items in the centre console.


    • Centre Console with hatch that is Scotty or Ram Rod holder ready
    • Large hinged front hatch
    • Side carry handles & paddle park
    • 2 flush rod holders + one swivel
    • Drink Holder & scupper plugs
    • Large rear well
    • Comes standard with adjustable rudder

    Seat Upgrade Option 

    For ultimate comfort upgrade from the Deluxe Seat to the world's best kayak seat, the Ultra Deluxe Seat, for just $30 (see upgrade option on the left) - click the picture for more on this


    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

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