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Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat

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  • Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat

    $899.00 $425.00

    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat
    brand:"Scorpio",seating:"Single",model:"Terrapin DLX",length:"2.7m (10 feet)",construction:"HG Virgin Polyethylene",width:"83cm",weight:"19kg",capacity:"130kg"

    Scorpio Terrapin Kayak with Vantage Seat DESCRIPTION

    Next Generation Scorpio Terrapin Fishing Kayak Package with Vantage Seat

    Club members take off a further 5%  


    Next Generation Kayak Package Includes:

    1 x Terrapin 9' Fishing Kayak

    1 x Luxury Vantage Aluminium Seat

    1 x Lightweight Floatable Paddle

    1 x 360° Adjustable Rod Holder

    4 x Built-in Rod Holders

    2 x Storage Hatch (Front 9" & Middle 9")

    Choice of several great colours

    Key Features:

    Made only from the highest Grade, Best Quality UV Stabalised Polyethylene Plastic*

    * Both HDPE and LLDPE have their pros and cons. We use a scientifically proven combination of 100% virgin (not recycled) HDPE and

    100% virgin (not recycled) LLDPE that offers the absolute best quality in terms of flexibility, rigidity and durability.


    V-shaped hull underneath, both in front and back, to ensure kayak tracks straight and move faster with less effort. Attention to chine and rocker to provide greater stability under choppy conditions.

    Ideal for both recreational and fishing purposes.

    Lightweight Kayak with weight just 19 Kgs, easier to handle by just one person. Load capacity of 130Kgs; a result of better design and use of premium materials.

    Luxury Vantage Aluminium seat for maximum comfort. Perfect for those long hours on the water.

    Two large water resistant storage hatches with a removable protective bag to keep valuables safe. (always put valuables into a waterproof container)

    Includes lightweight two-piece paddle (easy to store) which floats if dropped in water.

    The Large width of Kayak (83cm) provides extra stability in rough conditions.

    Additional Features:

    Specially designed groove with brass bolt inserts to easily install the motor bar and trolling motor.

    Large footrest area designed for greater control and comfort.

    Large storage at the back of kayak along with Bungee cord for securing larger items.

    Four built-in and one 360º Swivel rod holder, plenty for even the most passionate fisherman.

    Six scupper holes with drain plugs around the body of Kayak for easy drainage if needed.

    Carry handles on each side with bungie that can hold the paddle in place, and on the front and back for easy carriage while using a trolley.

    Built-in drink holders.

    Kayaks come wrapped in cardboard and plastic to protect it during transport.

    Kayaks are stackable, making it easier to transport two-three kayaks at a time.

    Why Buy From Us:

    For 17 years, C-Kayak has focused on providing premium quality water-sports products at best possible price. Our reputation is your guarantee.

    17 years of industry experience

    Best value kayaks in Australia

    Parts and after-sales support

    7 Days exchange

    Same day collection

    Tens of Thousands of happy customers

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