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Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak

Hurricane Kayaks have introduced an entire range of lightweight thermoformed kayaks offering exceptional strength found in Polyethylene kayaks plus lightweight construction and visual appeal surpassing composite kayaks. The best of both worlds.. With a clear focus on lightweight construction, durability and comfort Hurricane Kayaks are hard to beat. They also carry a number of polyethylene kayaks which lack the light weight of the thermo kayaks but are super durable and enjoy the same comfortable features. All Hurricane kayaks fall into our Premium range of kayaks
  • Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    $2,100.00 $1,868.00

    Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    Hurricane Santee 126 Kayak
    brand:"Hurricane",seating:"Single",model:"Santee 126",length:"3.8m",construction:"Thermoformed",width:"71cm",weight:"17kg",capacity:"158kg"
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    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    When Hurricane designed the Santee 126, they didn’t set out to redefine recreational kayaks. Their goal was to redefine the recreational category. In other words, they wanted to bring a new standard to what rec paddlers could expect on the water, and with the Santee 126 . . . mission accomplished.

    This boat glides and tracks like no other, so fun becomes effortless and instantaneous. If you wanna get a little aggressive, the 126’s multi-chined hull gives you the ability to carve some tight turns. (When was the last time you heard somebody use the word “carve” when talking about a recreational kayak?)

    With the fully adjustable seat system, your rear end and lower back won’t bark at you after a full day on the water. There’s even a paddle holder and rear deck security bar. Speaking of bars, they have raised the bar for the recreational category with the Santee 126.

    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

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