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Hurricane Santee 126 Sport

Hurricane Kayaks have introduced an entire range of lightweight thermoformed kayaks offering exceptional strength found in Polyethylene kayaks plus lightweight construction and visual appeal surpassing composite kayaks. The best of both worlds.. With a clear focus on lightweight construction, durability and comfort Hurricane Kayaks are hard to beat. They also carry a number of polyethylene kayaks which lack the light weight of the thermo kayaks but are super durable and enjoy the same comfortable features. All Hurricane kayaks fall into our Premium range of kayaks
  • Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    $2,100.00 $1,868.00

    Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    Hurricane Santee 126 Sport
    brand:"Hurricane",seating:"Single",model:"Santee 126 Sport",length:"3.8m",construction:"Thermoformed",width:"71cm",weight:"17kg",capacity:"158kg"
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    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    Okay, this is a new recreational boat, and at Hurricane, they don’t take the word “new” lightly. Some boat designers might add a different decal, change a paint color, glue on a piece of rubber and call it new.

    Not Hurricane. If they're gonna announce they’ve got a NEW boat, you can trust that they’re giving the category something innovative and edgy. With the Santee 126 Sport, they’ve done just that.

    This recreational kayak ups the ante on the industry-changing Santee 126 by adding an oversized cockpit, and it does so without sacrificing a scintilla of performance. In other words, you can still track like you’re on rails, still carve turns, still have more fun than should be legal in most states.

    The 126 Sport gives you room for fishing gear, photography equipment, and camping gear too ― whatever you need. The cockpit is a spacious 55 x 24 inches, and 55 x 24 = a whole lotta comfort.

    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

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