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Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak

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  • Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak

    $5,000.00 $4,298.00

    Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak
    Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak
    Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak
    brand:"Hurricane",seating:"Single",model:"Skimmer 120 Propel",length:"3.7m",construction:"Thermoformed",width:"79cm",weight:"25 + 8kg",capacity:"158kg"
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    Hurricane Skimmer 120 Propel Pedal Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Price includes free C-Kayak Paddle

    Although we have temporarily sold out of this model from our main warehouse there may still be a few left at some of our stores so please check your nearest store for availability. 

    After 9 years of success on the water, the Propel Pedal Drive system has landed in a beautiful Skimmer 120 design. The industry’s first lightweight pedal drive has arrived.

    While some manufacturers continue to develop heavier crafts, the Skimmer 120 Propel can actually be moved from your car-top to the water - and back. The Skimmer delivers as a recreational hands-free cruising kayak.

    The Propel Pedal Drive system creates on water opportunities for fishing, bird watching, nature photography, and exercise. With a sharp entry and flare in the bow for enhanced glide and smooth travel in choppy water conditions, the Skimmer 120 Propel cruises with efficiency and grace on the water.

    This lightweight pedalling machine features the 1st Class frame seat with sliding adjustment for comfort and proper ergonomics while pedalling. Incorporating port side steering control, the craft manoeuvres with finger tip motion.

    An on water pedalling adventure waits you.

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