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Point 65'N Gemini Modular Sit In Kayak

  • Point 65'N Gemini Modular Sit In Kayak
    $1,100.00 $798.00

    Point 65'N Gemini Modular Sit In Kayak
    brand:"Point 65'N",seating:"Single",model:"Gemini",length:"2.7m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"76cm",weight:"22kg",capacity:"120kg"



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    Point 65 Sweden presents the modular Gemini Solo, Tandem, Triple - and more...

    Point 65 Kayaks Sweden presents the modular take-apart Gemini 9’/14’ solo-tandem hybrid. A fun, versatile, high-performance recreational kayak which, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store and haul. The revolutionary Solo - Tandem (and more) combination is the solution you were waiting for.

    Go solo, go tandem go triple etc. etc.
    Snap in the mid-section and your Solo transforms into a high-performance Tandem. Add another mid section and it’s a triple. Keep adding mid sections and create the perfect teambuilding tool for as many paddlers as you want.

    Performance kayaking
    The Gemini, blow molded in durable HTP, in Syracuse NY, is easy to handle in and out of the water. With Point 65’s innovative Snap-Tap system, here is a kayak which snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds. A kayak that is comfortable, stable, strong and thanks to it’s modularity - extremely easy to carry. The Gemini is a rigid high-performance kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, put into the trunk of most cars and store under your bed.


    Comfort and ease

    The Gemini features a comfortable seat with a foldable, padded backrest, a bottle holder on the front deck and a tank-well covered by a mesh net for your dry bag for safe storage on your next adventure. The large size of the comfy cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. Add the fitting spray cover and you can enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions. You have the option of going paddling alone or with a friend – all in one kayak. With a second mid section between two paddlers, you create additional storage space.

    Easy to own
    The Gemini easily fits into the back of most cars. So no roof rack, no lifting and low gas mile- age to boot. It fit’s into a small elevator, under your bed or in your closet! Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own.

    Store, haul and ship
    Each section of the Gemini comes packaged in a durable box which makes them easy to ship, store and handle.


    The Gemini single comes in two boxes:

    Front:   76cm x 38cm x 180cm 

    Rear:     76cm x 25cm x 99cm

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