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Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak

Tough as Nails and Exceptionally well priced.
  • Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak

    $2,100.00 $2,037.99

    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak
    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak
    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak
    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak
    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak
    brand:"Point 65'N",seating:"Single",model:"Whiskey16",length:"4.9",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"56cm",weight:"25kg",capacity:"155kg"

    Point 65'N Whiskey 16 3L Sea Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    The Whisky 16 is now available in 3-Layer ultra tough Polyethylene! Designed by Nigel Foster, to be everything he looks for in a kayak - and more. All you have to do is to try it – and you’re hooked. Even an absolute novice feels like Nigel Foster in the cockpit of a Whisky 16. On gentle waters the boat is comfortable, stable, and easily maneuvered – an ideal boat to develop skills.

    Rough waters – smooth paddling - For the experienced paddler it is the ultimate playboat. With its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, the Whisky 16 is designed to make the most of rough water, surf, and currents. It is perfect for day trips but spacious enough for a self-contained expedition paddling. The Whisky 16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners where nimble turning is a delight.

    The 3-layer PE construction gives the Whisky 16 stiffness and strength while decreasing the weight. The Whisky 16 has two large oval aft and bow hatches, a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water, and the Whisky- hatch, a smaller round hatch in front of the cockpit that opens to an under-deck compartment.

    The padded cockpit comes fitted with an ergonomically designed seat which provides excellent support as well as providing the close contact needed when rough-water playing, and a highly functional back support that offers great comfort and lumbar support. The Whisky 16 3L is standard fitted with the Point 65 AIR-Backrest™, an inflatable backrest for ultimate comfort and support.

    The compass recess on the fore-deck accommodates a Silva 70P compass which is optional. The Whisky 16 is standard fitted with a retractable skeg and footrests. Our price also includes the optional rudder control system.

    The Whisky 16 recently received very favourable reviews in the legendary Sea Kayaker Magazine.








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