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Riot Brittany 16 Kayak

Tough as Nails and Exceptionally well priced.
  • Riot Brittany 16 Kayak

    $1,796.00 $1,467.40

    Riot Brittany 16 Kayak
    Riot Brittany 16 Kayak
    Riot Brittany 16 Kayak
    Riot Brittany 16 Kayak
    brand:"Riot",seating:"Single",model:"Brittany 16",length:"5m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"55cm",weight:"27kg",capacity:"159kg"
    Preferred Colour
    Orange / Yellow
    Blue / White

    Riot Brittany 16 Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    The Riot Brittany  (also branded as the Azul Corsair) is a proven, award-winning British-style sea kayak.

    This kayak is fast and agile with plenty of storage both inside and on the deck. It has a comfy adjustable seat and thigh braces to suit.

    Definitely for the smaller / lighter paddler wanting extra speed and performance.

    Stocked with a rudder and skeg, also available with skeg only on request


    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

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