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Point 65'N Jack Kayak

  • Point 65'N Jack Kayak

    $2,000.00 $898.00

    Point 65'N Jack Kayak
    Point 65'N Jack Kayak
    Point 65'N Jack Kayak
    brand:"Point 65'N",seating:"Single",model:"Jack",length:"5m",construction:"Polyethylene",width:"58cm",weight:"27kg",capacity:"155kg"
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    Point 65'N Jack Kayak DESCRIPTION

    Previously known as the Point 65'N 505 - Price Includes C-Kayak alloy shaft Paddle

    The Jack is priced well below other high-performance touring kayaks at 505cm/16’7".  Paddlers appreciate the opportunity to offer touring performance at a budget cost.

    The Jack is designed for beginning and medium-level paddlers seeking affordable quality touring, and it is the first choice for outfitters and kayak schools.  The cockpit is spacious for larger paddlers and includes a comfortable seat with adjustable backrest. The retractable rudder allows for control and comfort while paddling.

    A great recreational sea kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun, there is a perfect Jack for everyone. The cockpit, designed for easy entry/exit, is large enough to suit all types of paddlers.

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