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Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak

  • Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak

    $3,600.00 $3,155.00

    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak
    brand:"Prijon",seating:"Single",model:"Prilite Marlin",length:"5.3m",construction:"Thermoformed",width:"58cm",weight:"23kg",capacity:"140kg"
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    Prijon Prilite Marlin Kayak DESCRIPTION


    Limited time offer: Price currently includes Free C-Kayak Paddle

    Upon entry into the market this beautiful craft quickly became our overall bestselling sea kayakand has maintained this status for the past several years.

    Now also available in a Low Volume version, for smaller paddlers, the Prilite Marlin LV.

    Why is this?  Firstly it is (as with all Prijon kayaks) unbelievably comfortable to paddle. The adjustable Prijon seat and thigh braces allow you to achieve maximum comfort for those longer trips.

    It is fast yet stable! The Prilite Marlin is surprisingly stable for a boat just 58cm wide. The hard chines allow for plenty of edging on sharp turns, without feeling that you are going to capsize.

    Lightweight but durable
    Prilite (thermoformed) plastic is the kayak technology of the future. Over the past decade we have seen this kind of material represent from 0% to now over 50% of our total sales (other brands such as Hurricane and Riot use similar material). The consistency of the thickness of this plastic when formed allows the kayak to be considerably lighter than its polyethylene counterparts, while remaining reasonably durable (not as malleable as polyethylene but stiffer). Thermoformed plastic retains its shape better than polyethylene and so the hull is less likely to become indented over time (from sitting on roof racks etc). The Prilite Marlin is as light as but less brittle than its composite counterparts, making it a very attractive overall package.

    Immaculate finish and trims, deck mounted day-hatch and nose cap for added strength are just a few of the features that make this a winning combination.

    No, the Prilite Marlin is not for everybody. It does not really suit people over 100kg. Also, it is not an extreme sea kayak. It will suit 95% of people looking to get into sea kayaking, or upgrading from something more basic, but it is definitely not for those looking to push the boundaries of exploration.


    Review of Prijon Prilite Marlin by Steve Hargrave:


    I have been paddling a Prilite Marlin for 5 years and I am still impressed with the craft in many areas.
    My previous poly sea kayak was close to 30 kg, so the Marlin at 23kg is a much easier lift on and off the car.

    As the craft is a multi chine hull it effectively has multiple keels to achieve fantastic tracking, I probably use my rudder about 10% of the time I paddle it .
    The craft also edges very efficiently, aided by the super comfortable padded thigh braces.

    I would also rate it as being a very comfortable craft for extended paddles, having spent many hours in the saddle I can vouch for the seat and thigh pad comfort. I have also used my Marlin for many kayak camping expeditions, it will easily swallow enough gear for a three day camp and still cruise at an impressive pace.

    The Prilite hull material is also very durable, I have incurred a few bumps and scrapes, with minor scratching, a good compromise between the toughness of Poly and the lightness and stiffness of glass/carbon.

    Overall a great mix of lightness, durability , performance and comfort. 

    A great option for Kayaking on Sydney Harbour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

    - Delta 17 Sea Kayak 

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