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Cobra Tourer

  • Cobra Tourer

    $1,850.00 $1,348.00

    Cobra Tourer
    Cobra Tourer
    Cobra Tourer
    Cobra Tourer
    Preferred Colour
    Red / Yellow
    Lime / Yellow

    Cobra Tourer DESCRIPTION

    Price includes deluxe backrest and C-Kayak paddle

    Designed as a performance sit-on-top touring kayak, the Cobra Tourer is slightly more forgiving than the Cobra Expedition. This boat is designed for the athletically inclined paddler who wants to go from Point A to Point B with maximum efficiency and speed. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for training, long distance sight-seeing or touring on moderate ocean swells, lakes and rivers.

    This kayak has it all, even an adjustable leg length rudder system. The low profile hull of the Cobra Tourer cuts down on windage, enabling paddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handling in all conditions. The integrated keel provides stability and efficiency, holding a straight course even in choppy water.

    It incorporates a large dive tank well for easy accessibility and extra storage
    Comes standard with large hatch up front and round hatch in the middle.

    Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.

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